Afternoon Tea in New Orleans

Last week, Uncork held its inaugural event at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans. 300 women in the energy industry from across the country gathered for the Women's Energy Network conference, and fortunately, I was one of them. It was the most engaging, empowering, and inspiring three days! 

Uncork New Orleans - Afternoon Tea with Pink Petro

To kick off the conference, Uncork partnered with Pink Petro, the newest social channel for women + their male advocates in energy, to host a joyful gathering for these women. 

We had 19 people enjoy the tea service and conversation, and it was such an honor to bring everyone together. Women who were entrepreneurs, marketing managers, consultants, a Harvard professor, investment banking professionals, sales professionals, those in transition, environmental professionals, and more. 

The afternoon tea event was held in the Davenport Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans. It was a beautiful sunny day, and New Orleans was really showing off! 

The Ritz-Carlton's beauty and hospitality are what sparked my crush on the Crescent City just last year. The Café Au Lait spa treatment may have played a role as well! They were booked for afternoon tea on my last visit, so I was incredibly excited to experience it on this trip...especially with all of these inspiring women.

Everyone arrived a bit flustered after a morning of travel, and we were all ready to uncork with a refreshing mimosa and a little time to sit and get to know some fabulous women. Tea and scones were an added bonus!

The afternoon tea service included: 

  • Freshly-infused tea + mimosas
  • Appetizers & tea sandwiches {Russian blintzes with caviar, cucumber and cream cheese, artichoke confit with garlic herb cream cheese, chicken salad bouche, egg salad tartlet, smoked salmon on brioche with cream cheese}
  • Scones with Devonshire Cream and jam 
  • Petite sweets {Pistachio raspberry tea cake, fresh fruit tart, lemon merengue tart, chocolate moelleux, chocolate chip cupcake, macaron, chocolate-dipped strawberries} 
Uncork New Orleans - Afternoon Tea with Pink Petro

The plate of petite sweets is shown above. Isn't that watermelon macaron so fun?

Uncork New Orleans - Afternoon Tea with Pink Petro

And here are the gluten-free sweets. Since The Ritz-Carlton doesn't have a gluten-free kitchen, they take special care to bring in the best gluten-free treats. Everything was delicious! That's a lot of sugar for one person, but I sure tried to taste a little of everything. 

It was really an incredible afternoon. Special thanks to Pink Petro for partnering, and to all of the women who came and enjoyed afternoon tea with us! 

x Christie 

Photography: Christie McMillan